A/B and Split Testing cool tools

These cool resources will help you with making the most of your A/B tests so your boss can turn down data-based decisions.

Sample Size Calculator - Optimizely

Optimitzely's A/B Test Sample Size Calculator is a sample size calculator to prevent false discovery rate controls. Go to Sample Size Calculator - Optimizely →


A/B testing software and multivariate testing software are both tools that you find in Convert Experiences A/B testing tool. Compare A/B testing software Go to Convert →

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is an all-inclusive platform for conversion rate optimization, personalization, customer activation, and testing. Go to AB Tasty →


Be brave, experiment everywhere, and transform your customer experience with Optimizely. Go to Optimizely →


EyeQuant uses A.I. to instantly measure how clean, clear, exciting and attention-grabbing your web & mobile designs are. Go to Eyequant →


The all-in-one Platform that helps you conduct?visitor research, build an optimization roadmap and run continuous tests across platforms. Go to Vwo →


Conductrics lets you know which A/B variations work best. It helps you choose the best variations and target specific visitors. Go to Conductrics →

A/B Significance Tests - Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics' A/B Significance Test Determine whether your A/B tests are statistically significant. Go to A/B Significance Tests - Kissmetrics →
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