why did you do this?

Why not? There's a lot of cool resources out there and I needed a place to gather them. I had my own Google Sheet file, and I wanted to share it in a comfortable way. So here we are.

aren't you a frontend engineer?

Yes, I am! But lines are blurry and sometimes I need to step into the realm of UX, for which I feel more insufficient. This is why I explored a lot of tools, to understand what they were trying to solve and why.

btw, I like how this picture from Ben Melbourne (the second one, obviously) articulates the difference between UX, design, frontend and so on. And I like doing the right things right, so research and design are critical. And "UI Developer" sounds cool, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

my tool/resource/whatever isn't listed and it's cooler than you

Yeap, that's possible. Sorry to hear. I listed the tools I knew and I liked, so if yours isn't there, it's probably because (1) I didn't know about it or (2) other tools were cooler than yours. But I'm almost always wrong, so it must be reason #1. Please let me know on Twitter or Github.